Taylor Swift sampled ‘I’m Too Enticing’ in her new tune and P.S. the ’90s are once more


There's one issue it's advisable study Taylor Swift's new single, and it has fully nothing to do with the squabbles her lyrics allude to.

"Look What You Made Me Do" samples Correct Talked about Fred's "I'm Too Enticing" — an absolute '90s pop banger that'll take you method once more. Like, waaaaay once more.

The '90s British dance trio obtained a sample credit score rating on Swift's new launch, because of the observe choices the melody from the long-lasting tune, which nearly all people inside the early '90s could have danced to.

YouTuber Chase Holfelder posted a clip of the two tracks collaborating in on the same time. If you hear it, there is no such thing as a unhearing it. Perception us.

Correct Talked about Fred acquired a sample credit score rating on the observe, which was produced by Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff

Swift was solely 2 years earlier on the time "I'm Too Enticing" was launched, so she doable grew to grasp it as quickly because it was not inside the charts.

It seems Correct Talked about Fred is pretty delighted with the "reinvention" of the standard observe. The band thanked Swift for sampling the tune on Twitter.

As a result of the lyrics go, are we too enticing for this tune? Possibly.

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