Alligator swims over fence and enters girl’s flooded yard in Texas


Hurricane Harvey dumped a ridiculous quantity of rain on southeastern Texas this weekend, bringing with it some undesirable visitors. 

Arlene Kelsch's yard faces Lake Olympia, so recognizing an alligator isn't too unusual. However because of Harvey, which has since been declassified to a tropical storm, heavy rains precipitated her yard to flood, and Kelsch has noticed a number of gators swimming over her fence. 

"So here is the gator transferring alongside," Kelsch stated in a video posted to Fb. She reveals off the fence in her yard and pans the digicam to point out a second alligator simply chilling in her yard.

"Holy crap was my response," Kelsch told "I felt comparatively secure seeing them; it is type of cool. So long as I do not open my door, I am advantageous, nevertheless it's nonetheless somewhat creepy."

Along with gators, says she additionally noticed some frogs on her home windows, and speculates that there are some snakes slithering around within the water. 

Based on posts on Fb, the Lake Olympia space now has a compulsory evacuation, so Kelsch has since left her house and is staying with a buddy

Different photographs of gators within the Houston space unfold throughout social media because the storm hit, which had been confirmed to be false. Even Katie Couric posted a picture of a gator, which she claimed got here from her "buddy's Houston 'hood." That image was from April.

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